If you are interested in joining a ministry, please complete a Helps Ministry application from the business office.  


Ministry is responsible for supporting the Church Administration through the completion of administrative tasks including development of Church Calendar of Events, Special Event Programs, Flyers, etc.

BOOKSTORE MINISTRY – Contact:  Barbara Watford

The Bookstore Ministry will coordinate sales of media items produced by Media Ministry. Media and other items will be sold in the Bookstore or at ministry events.


Ministry is responsible for completing regular and preventive maintenance throughout the church as needed.

CHILDREN & YOUTH MINISTRY – Contact:  Joshua Head

Children & Youth Ministry Workers are responsible for the educational care and fostering of positive self esteem based on biblical principles taught by the pastor for all children & youth. This is to be accomplished through various planned activities. Ministry needs include Activity Planners, Teacher’s, Teacher Assistants, and Program Development.

DECORATIONS MINISTRY – Contact:  Barbara Ebron

Ministry will be responsible for ensuring that the ministry event venue is decorated based on themes and Church Administration prerequisites.

DRAMA MINISTRY – Contact:  Barbara Ebron

Primary function is to use Arts and Drama to glorify God by supporting the work of our Lord in presentation of the scriptures. The gifts and talents of each Arts and Drama Group will assist the church in meeting the needs of the body of Christ, community, and the world.


The primary purpose of the Evangelism Ministry is two-fold: to educate, equip, and encourage the believers for personal evangelism, as well as to facilitate their contact with non-believers for the purpose of bringing them to Christ; and to identify, challenge and harness gifted and impassioned members that have a heart for evangelism, so they can work through the evangelistic programs for the purpose of bringing people to Christ.


Food Bank Ministry is responsible for soliciting donations so that meals can be prepared weekly to feed the community. Other tasks include coordination of securing items from the Food Bank Warehouse to provide food bags for USDA program participants. Food Bank ministry workers will provide church and community support to meet the nutritional needs of individuals and families as stated in guidelines.


Ministry will research grants and funding sources to further and develop ministry at Dunamis.


The Hospitality Ministry sets up, prepares, and serves meals for the church during specified occasions.

INTERCESSORY PRAYER MINISTRY – Contact:  Minister Rhonda Maness

Primary function is to coordinate, encourage, facilitate and enhance prayer in the Body of Christ at the church through various prayer initiatives. Intercessors are responsible for maintaining confidentiality and completing all prayer assignments as mandated by the Pastor and Church Administration.


The Marketing Ministry will solicit donations and contributions from businesses to use as promotional giveaways at church sponsored events and conferences. Responsible for executing marketing initiatives through diverse mediums.

MEDIA MINISTRY – Contact:  Eugene Griffin

The Media Ministry will be fully engaged in video recording and production of services so as to deliver a professional edited package for television production and mass media production for Bookstore sales.

MUSIC MINISTRY – Contact:  Eugene Griffin, Minister of Music

The music ministry consists of Praise Team, Mass Choir and Musicians. There are (2) Praise Teams, and a  Young Adult Praise Team. Praise Teams & Choir Members are expected to accommodate the pastor at various ministry events.  Praise Team is selected by audition, and must be a member of the Mass Choir.

NEW MEMBERS MINISTRY – Contact:  Minister Francine Douglas

Ministry will help guide and facilitate the entry of new members into Dunamis Christian Center. Ministry workers will assist by contacting new members to inform them of the New Members classes, assist in class preparation and ensuring that class participants have all class materials.


Provide direct assistance to members to ensure that there is a steady traffic flow and vehicles are parked in a manner that ensures safety to everyone and the church property.


Ministry is targeted for EVERY member to participate in uniting with Dunamis Christian Center. This ministry is designed so that every member of the ministry is connected to a support system. Each member will be assigned to a Power Circle where there is a Torch Bearer, that will get in contact with you and act as a liason of the Pastor and 1st Lady.  If there are occasions when you require prayer or visitation due to hospitalization, then a call would be made by the member to the Torch Bearer and subsequent action will be taken based on guidelines set forth by the Church Administration.

PRAISE DANCE MINISTRY – Contact:  Cynthia Newman-Ford

Praise Dance Ministry is broken down into various segments inclusive of 1) Praise Dancers 2) Soulja Boys 3) Young Girls 4) Adonai (Teen & Young Adult). All sub-ministries are charged with executing ministry through dance and movement that glorifies God.


Ministry is targeted to address the needs of the incarcerated population. Ministry workers should be willing to become familiar with evangelistic approaches and have a heart to help people.


Provide assurance that key risk areas of the church are being managed by the use of adequate internal control in its operational systems.

SANCTUARY MINISTRY – Contact:  Marilyn Johnson

Sanctuary Ministry members are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the sanctuary along with the interior of the Educational Building. Ministry workers should have an ‘eye’ for cleanliness

SECURITY MINISTRY – Contact:  Tony Cochran

Provide assurance that adequate safety measures are in place to protect members, guests and staff while “on actual church grounds” or attending a church function at an off-site location.


To ensure an ongoing, growing, effective Single Adult program which ministers to the special needs of Single Adults and develops outreach opportunities.


Ministry participants will assist in the recruitment and packaging of supplies and gifts that would be beneficial.

TRANSPORTATION MINISTRY – Contact:  Deacon Nick Jones

Primary function to coordinate and facilitate transportation services for the members at Dunamis Christian Center to and from Sunday/Wednesday services.  Other events/services on occasion as designated by Church Administration.

USHERS/GREETERS MINISTRY – Contact:  Richard Maness/Sandra Shackelford

Provide courteous support to the parishioners of Dunamis Christian Center through guidance while in the church. Ministry workers are responsible for maintaining a hospitable environment while executing order in the sanctuary.















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